Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Old post Alert! In between jobs

I`m sat at  my husbands desk wondering what to do with this gift that i have, the gift of time.

See im in between jobs, work or my career if you call it, not intentionally though coz then id have a plan on how to gainfully use my time. The company i once worked for is winding up and therefore decided to start with my department, when i resumed from my maternity leave i was informed of the ongoing situation and was served with notice.There and then it hit me hard that i would be out of a job in a matter of weeks. I had to think hard, fast and quick on how to transition from a busy schedule to non at all.

My household schedule is pretty set out but not cast in stone. Its a busy schedule so busy that i cant get any personal thing done while im at home reason being, my kids come first. I put off my personal endeavors while im at home so as to do what needs to be done as far as my kids and household duties are concerned.

That said here is a list of three things i want to engage my time in:-

  •  Set up my office in the CBD its rent free n thats a plus, from here i can do my thing, consult, job search pick up where i left off when i doing research on a start up business. 
  • Another thing i want to do while i have all this time in my hands is to do a course or two in an area im looking to venture in - make up artistry & personal financial management.
  • Get crafty and learn a skill, be it crocheting, knitting and pick up my craft skills.
Say your out of a job what would you do to gainfully occupy your time? Please feel free to share in the comment section below.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Baby Kk is here

Hi guys, its been 11 weeks since my last post. But good news awaits.
Baby Keith is FINALLY here with us. He arrived very fast, speedily infact on the morning of Tuesday the 15 of March 2016. My EDD was the 16th of March but i guess the little champ couldnt wait to meet his family right.
I was super excited upon his birth despite the fast, excruciating labor. My heart is filled with thanks giving and praise to God for this awesome gift. We are now a full house of 5 and im a proud mum of 3 kids. It feels good, overwhelming, tiring but im joyful all the same.
Ok so lets rewind a little.
This isnt how I planned to kick start my passion to write this year but oh well. You see iv been trying to get organised plan my blog posts etc maybe im a free styler at writing maybe not im trying to find my way.
It happens to be the Easter weekend, school holidays approaching im on maternity leave my husband will have a long weekend break. Im just excited and thankful to God. We are a full house now.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

New year greetings to you all

My hope is that all of you have started your year well and for those who haven't i pray for better tidings as we see how this first month of 2016 stretches out. Its January y'all!

I must say i was a very busy mummy over the holidays so much that i put blogging in the back burner temporarily, but i enjoyed my two week break from work to spend the holidays with my family.

Oh! what a joy it is to take care of these little babies and monitoring them full time. I resumed work on the 6th of January with so much enthusiasm and energy to work, i got a lot done in the morning and also got some play time in the afternoon. I was browsing, taking bumpie photos (belly bump selfies) here is just a glimpse of what i was up-to later that afternoon.

I`m exactly 30 weeks into my pregnancy and i cant wait to hold my 3rd bundle in my hands. I also have a lot of shopping to do before baby arrives and the sooner i start planning ahead the less stressed il be when the D -day arrives. My last baby checked in 2 weeks early so im on HIGH ALERT this could be a possibility as well. Allow me to dash off and get organised for this year is fast paced i must say.

Enjoy the bumpies and Happy New Year to you all!


Monday, December 7, 2015

Guest post at Gnovember

New at guest blogging

Hi, hope you all had a great weekend. A close friend of mine recently approached me with a request to be a guest writer in her blog. I’m new in all of this so I need all the support I can get. You can read what the article was about following this link.

Happy Monday folks 

Friday, November 27, 2015

My loc journey

Initially when i decided to go natural and loc my hair, i had a plan to have them on for 10 years. Iv been unable to keep up with Salon appointments for many reasons most of which are valid.At some point i was even contemplating chopping off my locs. Iv had my locs for almost two years now and i must say iv really enjoyed growing them, its been a through thick and thin kind of relationship.

I'm going to be a 3rd time mum and seriously time seems to be slipping away from me faster. I'm a working mum as well, so you can imagine the little time left in a day or week i just want to spend it with my little babies. Why i need to frequently visit the salon at this very crucial stage in my life is because:-

  1. Due to my pregnancy -i have an outburst of hair growth and so every fortnight re twist makes a lot of sense.
  2. To make me look sane while preggers otherwise a pregnant lady in untidy locs isn't a pretty sight.

Eventually i made an appointment and visited the salon last Saturday. My previous appointment was a month ago and i must say i felt so embarrassed at the sight of my hair when the stylist unraveled my Turban. Usually when my hair starts to look untidy i quickly cover it up with a scarf and wrap it in different styles depending on the occasion. So i got my hair shampooed, scrubbed the works and i dint want him to finish. I kept on requesting for one last rinse and another one and another one, clearly my hair had missed contact with water.
After drying my hair with towel the re twisting process began and i must say i was wondering what ever possessed me to install locs in my head. Due to the massive growth it HURT and i repeat HURT my scalp, roots were on fire im a brave person most times but i really felt like crying. I kept telling the guy if i let my hair get to this unmanageable state of affairs again, my next appointment wont be a re twist one but it will be to the barber shop.

My son and hubby had accompanied me to the salon while they got their hairs shaved and at the sight of how much work my hair was going to be , they decided to go for a walk and keep busy. The loctician was slow but steady careful not to cause any added pressure to my already painful scalp. It took an hour or so to get my head full of hair done and i must say i was looking good. I looked brand new if i can say that clean, neat and tidy hair brings forth a refreshing look to everyone from the salon. There and then i had a change of heart towards my locs and future loc journey. Iv come from far and i want to go far with my natural hair growth. Iv decided to keep them.Through thick and thin 8 years to go -My Loc journey.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mjs sleep over at his grandmas

After stalling and looking for various excuses as to why my son couldn't visit his grandma for a week, i finally caved in. I decided not to fight my husband on this one and allow him to go off to his grandmas without his nanny.This would be the first time he is sleeping out of home on his own. Thank God for his favorite cousins presence, i knew he would have fun.

We dropped him off yesterday morning on our way to work and i must say i dint feel so emotional as i do today.I miss my little tiger his presence around the house, his cute little voice over the phone, hugs and kisses i offer him daily. As they say you cant live with them ,you cant live without them.

Mj is a very cheerful character he keeps our house busy even his little sister must miss his company. He is the welcoming committee when we get home every evening and he runs to our bedroom every morning to say -"good morning." He never sheds a tear when we leave not at all, and always says "See you later." But yesterday he cried, bucket loads of tears swelled up his eyes upon seeing us leave and my heart skipped a beat. Lucky for me its a work week and im a bit distracted but today i really really missed him. I kept calling the grandma to check up on him but she wasn't as responsive as she was yesterday.
I eventually got onto to chat with my sister in law, who gave me my little nieces cell phone number and i got through to my little boy. I was elated, happy super joyous upon hearing his voice, he told me so many stories over the phone i couldn't keep up with him. Clearly he was having fun and doing better than his attached mummy was. Mj loves farm animals, wearing gum boots, going to the farm, picking up sticks and stones playing with mud the list is endless.

After that phone call conversation im now settled. I still miss him off course but il sleep in a better place today knowing that he is enjoying time with his grandparents and cousin. I'm relieved but still cant wait to see him at the end of the week. I'll run to grab him and squish him until he cant be squished no more. I love my babies all of them. I`m proud to be a possessive parent within reasonable grounds and i like my babies near me all the time.

A photo of my cheerful little tiger whos presence is dearly missed at home.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Loc down

On the 1st of March 2014. I locked my hair. It wasn`t an easy decision but i did it.

I toyed around with the idea since the big chop March of last year 2013. My hair is kinky curly and was very high maintenance even though that was what i was running away from -using relaxers im a proud naturalista.

Its 21 days since i locked my hair other than itching im enjoying my new look and so are my close family and friends.

I love my hair my locs and i.